Whether it's still photography or dynamic visual, 

BAOLIN Vision explores the innovation potentials and goes beyond formality.

By mixing and merging classics and modern codes, from film to digital image we create a language that both fits and challenges.

Capitalising on originality and quality,

the goal is to create visual arts imbued with strong character and a sense of minimalism. 

The studio is marked by the duality of the team behind them, 

from producer, director, creativity, screenwriter, photography, color matching to editing.

Photographic way is our way.  The team is enthusiastic about meeting the customization needs through lenses. 

The studio aims to operate with a complete creative process where planning, 

photography and dynamic images are all taking into careful consideration. 

Narration carrying truth

Art is the expression of senses and the frontier of the mind. Our faith lies in the power of persistence: aiming to capture the true color and narrate the beauty of life through images. 


Enthusiastic, independent in thinking and pursuing the origin of all matters, the team seeks new from persistence, and pushes novelty to its extreme. The goal is to produce creative and artistic works that affect each individual and their lifestyles. 


With a meticulous focus on every detail, we are keenly aware of ‘sharp tools make good work’. The combination of leading devices and software is a powerful support for artists in the digital age to express freely and inspire more. 

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